To contact us use the contact screen to the right of this page or email the Board Director, at [email protected]

  If you wish to file a complaint or raise a particular issue with the board please click on the "File A Complaint" Tab for further information.

Please Note that the ISPA Board cannot consider complaints about individual appeals

The Independent Scrutiny Board for Parking appeals on Private Land meets quarterly and during its meetings considers any complaints and issues raised by stakeholders and members of the public about the POPLA service. It cannot consider complaints about individual cases but may consider issues relating to the effectiveness, efficiency , fairness or independence of the service.

Complaints will be acknowledged and if they fall within the Board’s remit they will be placed on the next available board agenda. The board will consider them and if it accepts that the complaint is valid it will take action.

Those raising complaints will be informed of the outcome and a summary of complaints and the board’s decisions will be published on this website at COMPLAINT FINDINGS

It is important to ensure that complaints are directed to the correct organisation, as the Board can only consider complaints that fall within its remit.

If you have a complaint about a specific POPLA appeal then you should direct your complaint to POPLA using the process defined on their website at http://www.popla.org.uk/Complaints.htm .

If you have a complaint about the way a car park operator has dealt with you and you believe this may have breached the operator's code of practice you can contact the operator's trade association. The British Parking Association represents the majority of car park operators in the UK and details of their code of conduct and how to contact them can be found at http://www.britishparking.co.uk .

Anyone wishing to raise a complaint with the Independent Scrutiny Board for Parking Appeals on Private Land should contact the Director, at [email protected]

You should include the following information;

  • Name and contact details
  • Basis of your complaint e.g. you may be an operator or motorist’s representative who perceives an issue on the basis of a number of cases you have seen.
  • Description of your complaint in as much detail as possible.

You should attach evidence of the problem you have described. The board cannot act without specific evidence. If the board finds that you have a valid complaint please indicate what you believe should be done to remedy the situation.